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What is AI Racing

AI Razing is a study prototype that aims to create a reliable racing AI, capable of running on any circuit. It uses a 3-layer feed-forward neural network. The network is provided with an initial training and gets better each time it crashes.

I also took the opportunity to experiment with shaders. I use custom shaders for:

  • Skybox
  • Terrain (geometry shader)
  • Coins. Hologram effect
  • Trail. I create the mesh dynamically and then add a particle premultiply shader, that in combination with the post-processing creates that flaring effect.
  • Post-processing with Unity's post-processing stack


WADS to control the ship.

Space to alternate Player and AI camera.


Background music by @Gelbar_ (CyberWar).


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AIRacing_02.zip 30 MB

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