🏆 Best Design Award 🏆

The bugs in your garden have started their very own racing team! However, they can't figure out how to drive their overly complicated machine.

Grab 4 friends and help them race across their track!

Each of you will control a part of the craft:

  • Player 1: accelerate smashing Z-X
  • Player 2: control ledt wheel with Q-W
  • Player 3: control right wheel with O-P
  • Player 4: brake and reverse one of the rear wheels at a time N-M

Will you be able to get to the end line together?

Made in 48h for Axes Jam 2023. Theme: Unnecessarily Complicated.


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Perfectly fits the unnecessarily complicated. The bug art is fun and the music suits the game!

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it ;)